All in One Gas Chromatography
All in one gas chromatography
VIDA™ Density Meter
A new automated solution for reliable density measurement
VIDA Density Meter
Cetane CID 510
Ideal for All types of Biodiesel and Biodiesel blend
CID 510


PAC is a leading global provider of advanced analytical instruments for laboratories and online process applications in industries such as refinerypetrochemicalbiofuelsenvironmentalfood & beverage, and pharmaceutical. To provide its customers with cutting edge technology, PAC leverages significant R&D resources to support its core technologies, including chromatographyelemental analysisphysical properties, and software applications.

PAC consists of well-known and long-established leading product lines: AC Analytical ControlsCambridge Viscosity,ISLAntekPetroSpecAlcorWalter Herzog, and Precision Scientific. Each of these have long histories of developing best-in-class analytical instrumentation for lab and process applications. In fact, the dynamic synergy of the PAC team and its unique technologies has led to the development of unique, cutting-edge instruments. More Products

Core Labolatories

Refinery Systems provides octane and diesel equipment and services for laboratory and on-line applications. We have 47+ years of service experience in the Petroleum Industry. Our operations globally provide laboratory, on-line analysis systems, accessories and services. Core Laboratories is the largest worldwide distributor of Waukesha® CFR* octane and cetane rating engines, parts, and service More Products

Tannas Co

 Tannas Co.

manufactures precision bench-top instruments for routine and research laboratory testing of engine oils, lubricants and related fluids.

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