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Refinery Systems is the largest worldwide distributor of Waukesha CFR engines and parts. These versatile CFR fuel rating units are used extensively by petroleum refiners, research laboratories, engine manufacturers, governmental agencies, and universities for a variety of applications including; certification of product quality, fuel and additive technology development, and regulatory monitoring. We provide CFR engines for all ASTM engine based test methods; Research D2699, Motor D2700, Cetane D613, and Supercharge D909. In addition, we provide installation, training, and service for all CFR engines. Please click on Waukesha Distribution Territories to determine if you are in our sales territory.

Model Test Method
CFR F-1 / F-2 Combination Research/Motor Method
CFR F-4 Supercharge Method Aviation
CFR F-5 Cetane Method Diesel
CFR FIT Derived Cetane Number Analyzer
* CFR and FIT are registered trademarks of Dresser, Inc.